This election is not Modi Vs Rahul…

Elections are going on all over the country. While polling is going on in seven phases, the elections have already ended in six phases. The final phase of polling will be held on june 1. In this background, there is a spat of words between the ruling bjp and the opposition party congress at the Centre. They are criticizing each other. In this sequence, the comments made by prime minister narendra Modi (PM narendra Modi)  on the vote bank of Muslims are increasing the political heat.

Recently, during the election campaign, prime minister Modi said that india alliance is doing 'mujra dance' for Muslim vote bank. congress party National President mallikarjun Kharge condemned Modi's comments. In Sasaram lok sabha Constituency, Kharge election campaign was conducted on behalf of congress party leader and 'India' alliance candidate Manoj Kumar. Kharge spoke on this occasion. Modi was accused of engaging in religious politics. He criticized Modi for insulting the state and people of bihar by making comments against Muslims. 

Modi wants Tes Mar Khan!

Mallikarjuna Kharge criticized prime minister Modi for thinking of himself as Tesmarkhan. Kharge said that in a democracy, the people are the Tismarkhans. All the previous Prime Ministers have ruled the country democratically, but Modi is being criticized as a dictator. He said that if Modi becomes the prime minister for the third time, people will not even have the right to live and will not be allowed to question the government. He said that this election is not rahul vs. Modi, but people vs. Modi. He criticized Modi for not giving the least respect to the congress leaders. He said that the prime minister is only embracing the rich and not caring about the poor.

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