Key changes in Telangana's official symbol too…

CM revanth reddy has decided to change the symbol of telangana State on the occasion of the Tenth Incarnation Day of telangana State. The state cabinet has already taken a decision to change the telangana mother and state symbol. Official sources say that the idol of Mother telangana is being brought to reflect the self-respect of the tribal communities. They said that the statue is being shaped to reflect the movement spirit of people like chakali Ailamma, who rebelled against the Thandars, and Mallu Swaraj, who raised a gun against Rajakars. The emblem of telangana is also being changed to reflect the spirit of the movement and the sacrifices of the martyrs. Earlier, revanth reddy announced that he will remove the royal trends.   

CM Revanth's discussions with Rudra Rajesh on changes              

Chief minister revanth reddy discussed the official symbol of telangana state with painter Rudra Rajesham on telangana emblem. chief minister revanth reddy, who has examined several samples, made several suggestions and is preparing a new emblem. There is a possibility that it will be finalized in one or two days and announced on the second date on the day of Incarnation. It is expected to honor the activists, families of martyrs and those who have worked in the cause of Telangana.                  

Congress claims that telangana has given and brought            

The congress party , which claims that telangana has given and brought it, has decided to organize the biggest festival as it is the first festival after coming to power. The song 'Jaya Jayahe Telangana' written by Andeshree was announced as telangana anthem. Now they are composing a tune for it. Arrangements are being made to release the state anthem on june 2 through the hands of sonia gandhi, given by the state. These will be released through the hands of sonia Gandhi. It is said that there will be a symbol and a statue of the mother of telangana to reflect the self-respect of the tribal communities.         

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