New beers entry into Telangana!

There is a campaign on social media that new beers are going to be available in Telangana. To this extent, the photo pushing tribe is making a fuss that these are the new brand of beers. Som Distilleries are getting permission to supply their brand of beer in Telangana. A photo is going viral on social media that new beers with names like Power 1000, Hunter, Black Fort, Wood Peaker will be available in the shops. Beers like Kingfisher, RC, 5000 are currently available in wine shops.

Excise minister Jupalli krishna Rao has reacted to the campaign of new beers in telangana by condemned Jupalli . He condemned the propaganda that the state government is trying to introduce new liquor brands. He concluded that no one has applied for new brands in the state and he has not examined them. He said that the previous government had kept bills pending in many departments and companies with pending bills were not able to supply beer. The minister clarified that there is no artificial shortage of alcohol anywhere in the state.

Criticism of the opposition

in telangana Rs. The opposition is alleging that a 5000 crore liquor scam has taken place. It is alleged that there is a huge conspiracy behind the non-availability of beer for the last two or three months. It is being spread that depending on the commission, there is an opportunity to open the gates for new brands in Telangana. BRS leaders are criticizing that after the election results, there is a possibility that some famous brands will disappear and new brands will come. They are angry that there is a conspiracy to introduce new brands by creating a shortage of liquor in the state. However, an official announcement is yet to be made on the beer brands that are currently viral on social media.

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