The polavaram project is an art of many years. Many movies have also come out in the name of this project. Such a struggle started in the childhood of our grandparents. But not finished yet. Bigger projects than this project have been started and completed in other states. However, Polavaram's works have been prepared in such a way that one step forward is another four steps back. And will polavaram be a boon for the people or will it be a curse.. Will Andhra people have to shed tears for this project.. Governments are changing but there is no change in the works. Let's know some things about such Polavaram..

  This polavaram project was designed in 1946-47. At that time it was estimated that it would cost 129 crores. Then the then cm Tanguturi Anjaiah laid the foundation stone of this project in 1980. But since then, things are being prepared in such a way that one step forward and four steps back. Many CMs came after him and many governments changed.   However, there is no change in the project works. However, this project will be built on godavari river near Ramayyapet village of polavaram mandal.   It is located 34 km above the rajahmundry Kovvur Road rail Bridge. It enters the Eastern Ghats as well as plains of west godavari district of AP.   What is the main purpose of this project? It will have irrigation capacity of 4, 36,825 hectares.   Also, this project will provide 960 megawatts of hydroelectric power to many villages for drinking water and agricultural water.

  Project Works:
  It is very sad that this project, which was started 80 years ago, has not been completed yet. kaleswaram project which is larger in budget size than this has already been completed. It took four years to complete this project alone. people of ap are discussing why polavaram is not being completed.  

  Project Design:
There are three key structures in this project. One of them is the main dam. It removes and washes the hills on the right side of the river. It is 1.8 km long. There will be total 48 gates. Second is the earth cum rock feel dam. It blocks the water in case of floods. Its length is about three kilometers. Third is canals. After this is done canals are dug on the right and left sides of the dam. The 174 km long right canal connects the waters of the Godavari to the krishna River. And the canal on the left side flows for 188 kilometers. It carries water up to Visakhapatnam.  

  But so far these works have not been fully completed in the polavaram project. But completing this project is not an easy task. It will be a budget of lakhs of crores. Also, the construction site of this project will have complete sand dunes. Excavation should be done till all this sand is removed and compacted. Construction should start from there. In this way, the project has many problems besides the budget problem. However, during Jagan's tenure, the project work was completed in a hurry. It remains to be seen whether the next government will focus on the polavaram project or leave it alone.

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