Elections ended on May 13. The fate of the candidates is locked in the EVMs. Who gets out and who stays at home will be revealed on june 4th. At such a moment, all the candidates who contested in 175 assembly constituencies and 25 parliamentary seats are excited. people are more excited than the candidates. At such a moment, many surveys have been conducted and it is said that both parties are very strong and the voting has taken place in a close contest. But no one can say for sure who will win.

But jagan is insisting that he will become the cm once again. It can be said that the main reason for this is the development work done by him. If you look at the political history of Andhra, so far no cm has brought schemes like Jagan's. It can be said that it is more beneficial for the people if the people in the government not only bring the schemes, but also go home and implement the schemes. Volunteers also went to the house of the old lady in the corner and gave her pension and saw the happiness in her eyes. There is no such system anywhere in India. "Jagan cooked the rice and put it on a plate and put it in his mouth". How can you forget someone who has done such a good job.

  Because people of ap have already seen three and four party regimes. No matter which party is ruling, I have never seen any schemes going to the people.   But jagan has shown something new to us, many rural people are discussing that these schemes will continue if jagan is there. Chandrababu's rule has already been seen. But such things did not happen during his reign. So, comparing jagan and Chandrababu, it seems that many women, old people, widows, disabled people and people of rural areas thought that it would be better if jagan became the cm again. So they want jagan to become cm again.

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