How many seats will bjp get in the lok sabha elections? 

Voting for six phases of lok sabha elections has taken place. Voting for chandigarh lok sabha seat is to be held in the seventh phase on june 1. Before that, congress candidate manish Tiwari from chandigarh lok sabha seat has made a big claim. He said that earlier bjp used to say that we are beyond 400, but now home minister amit shah is saying that we are coming to 310 seats. The reality is that bjp is clear in South india and half in North India. Even their 150 seats will not be available. people are fully prepared to defeat bjp in the seventh phase of voting.

Priyanka gandhi cornered bjp in Chandigarh

While addressing a public meeting in chandigarh, congress General Secretary priyanka gandhi Vadra attacked BJP. He said what is the price of petrol and diesel today. Today flour, vegetables, oil, everything is expensive. If someone at home falls ill, there is worry about how to get treatment. Today farmers are not able to earn from farming. PM Modi has imposed GST on every agricultural item. priyanka gandhi said that everything has become expensive. The farmer is not able to earn. Farmer commits suicide for Rs 1 lakh, for Rs 50 thousand, for Rs 2 lakh and PM Modi forgives Rs 16 lakh crore of 22 billionaires. PM Modi does not forgive even a single rupee from the farmers of the country.

The congress leader said that if PM Modi is asked about the problems of farmers, he will not say anything. Because, in 10 years, PM Modi has not tried to understand the plight of the farmers. PM Modi has not visited any farmer's fields even once in 10 years and asked what is your problem? People's earnings are ending. PM Modi does not visit any poor's house even once. Don't ask a poor person how much he gets as a daily wage. PM Modi doesn't even know that if 2-3 days' wages are not paid, then today the workers of the country sleep hungry and their children sleep hungry.

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