Charanjit Singh Channi's big claim before voting...?

Former chief minister of punjab and congress candidate from Jalandhar, Charanjit Singh Channi has said that punjab is going to give a huge victory to the congress, because the central government has tried to bring down punjab in every way. The Center wants to sink punjab by killing farmers. people are fed up with their policies.

Charanjit Singh Channi alleged that AAP leaders are running a drug mafia in Jalandhar. The incident that happened yesterday in Nakodar, officials going on mining were attacked. There too, everything is going on under the supervision of your MLA. The attack that happened yesterday also happened because of you.

Channi also retaliated on the statement of assam Chief Minister

While countering the statement of assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, former cm Channi said that if the youth is leaving punjab then the government at the Center has been of bjp for 10 years. The policies of the Center are responsible for this. If drugs are spreading in punjab then what is the Center doing on the border? Who is responsible for how drones are coming from outside? They should look under their beds to see what is happening. Actually, assam cm had said that the youth of punjab are leaving the state and going abroad and drug addiction is increasing in Punjab.

Channi made big allegations against AAP

Regarding the attack on officials by mining mafia in Nakodar, Charanjit Singh Channi said that in Jalandhar, when officials go to arrest drug addicts, they attack because the drug mafia is being run by aam aadmi party leaders. Channi alleged that those who have now joined bjp used to rule earlier, similar to the incident that happened yesterday in Nakodar. The officials were attacked because the officials are still under the election Commission.

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