'Hello...there is a bomb, what happened next?

There was chaos in the control room of mumbai police when a threatening call was received. The person calling said that bombs had been planted at Mumbai's prestigious Taj Hotel and international Airport. The person calling immediately disconnected the call. This call came on monday afternoon. The police took the matter seriously and searched both the places. mumbai police did not find anything suspicious in their search. police say that this call had come from Uttar Pradesh. Now the police is searching for the caller. Let us tell you that a few days ago, a threatening call was received regarding BEST bus in mumbai, but like this time, it was also found to be a rumour. For the last few days, such rumors are being spread a lot in delhi and Mumbai.

Similar threatening mails had come to delhi schools

Similar calls were received by many schools in the capital Delhi. More than 100 schools in Delhi-NCR were given bomb threats through mail and calls on May 1, after which all the schools in delhi were closed and the concerned schools were searched but nothing suspicious was found. I went.

Rumor of bomb in BEST bus

Three days later, a mail was sent regarding a bomb in a BEST bus. This mail was sent to BEST's Wadala headquarters. It was told in the mail that a bomb was planted inside a bus arriving at Maharana Pratap Chowk bus depot located in Mulund area of Mumbai. There was chaos after the mail. police investigated the bus but did not find anything suspicious in it either.

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