On whom was ashok gehlot angry? traitor and backstabber…

Six phases of lok sabha elections have been completed across the country. The final phase of voting will conclude on june 1. Counting of votes will take place on june 4. As the date of counting of votes is getting closer. Anyway, the statements of politicians are also becoming harsh.

Ashok Gehlot attacked fiercely

Former chief minister ashok gehlot spoke to the media, during which a journalist asked a question about those who left Congress, then former cm Gehlot attacked them fiercely and addressed them as worthless, worthless and traitors.

Said- Brother and sister can say these words to each other

Former cm ashok gehlot said, "Why do you call me about him only?" Call such people opportunists, call them useless, call them useless, call them non-performing, call them traitors, call them worthless, call them barkers, all these words are brothers and sisters and these words are used for these people only. Is. Those who betray. He must be a traitor. He betrays and stabs him in the back. What would you call them? These are the only words. For such people, these words can be called brothers and sisters among themselves.

Former cm ashok gehlot said, "He ruled our country for 5 years. When we came into trouble we joined forces with the powers that be. I just want to tell them that this was the time. They work to make history and history is theirs to make. One who stands firm even in bad times, just like I am standing in front of you. During the assembly and lok sabha elections in Rajasthan, many leaders, ministers and especially former cm Gehlot's OSD lokesh Sharma also left him.

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