Udaipur residents reached Collectorate, worried in scorching heat…

The extreme heat is creating havoc in Rajasthan. The temperature is increasing and an alert is also issued from the weather department. In such a situation, in udaipur, the city of lakes, where there is immense amount of water, still people are facing problems. The drinking water being supplied in udaipur Old City is contaminated with insects. To complain about this, people reached the collector with bottles of dirty water and expressed their plight.

 The tank was built under the Smart City project by spending crores of rupees.

 In fact, more than 1.25 lakh people in udaipur quench their thirst with the water of Pichola and Fatehsagar lakes. Water is supplied from these lakes. Tej shankar Paliwal, one of the people who reached the collector with a complaint, said that a smart city project is going on in Udaipur. Under this project, to supply water to the people of Chandpol, a tank was built on the hill by spending crores of rupees. So that the lake water reaches thousands of people after being filtered. But this is what is causing the problem.

 Water coming out smelly and full of insects

 Tej shankar Paliwal further said that the water currently coming in supply is yellow. Not only is there garbage in it, insects are also coming in it. There is no other arrangement for drinking water and such water cannot be drunk. In such a situation there is definitely a shortage of water. Regarding this he went to the collector and told him his plight. Apart from this, the Smart City Scheme officer was informed about this several times but they only take water samples. After that no report comes. people of the area have now started falling ill after drinking this water.

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