'Fire' raining in rajasthan, Phalodi hottest in country…

The scorching heat continues in Rajasthan. It seemed as if fire was raining from the sky in many cities of the state. Phalodi in the state is experiencing the hottest heat in the country. Today the temperature in Phalodi was recorded more than 49 degrees. Apart from this, the mercury crossed 48 degrees in nine cities of the state.

 According to the Meteorological Department, the highest temperature was recorded in Phalodi, Rajasthan. Here the mercury reached 49.4 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, Barmer was the second hottest district of the state. The temperature here reached 49.3 degrees Celsius. jaisalmer stood at third place in Rajasthan. Today the temperature in jaisalmer reached 48.7 degrees Celsius. Pilani was at fourth place with 48.5 degrees. Apart from this, Ganganagar district of rajasthan is at number five. Today the temperature in Ganganagar was recorded at 48.3 degrees Celsius.

When will it rain?

According to the Meteorological Department, there may be normal rainfall in rajasthan between june and September. According to the Meteorological Department, there are chances of normal rain in North-West india including Delhi, Haryana, rajasthan, punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh. According to IMD, these areas may receive 92 to 108 percent rainfall of LPA, which falls in the normal category.

Will the weather change from May 29?

The department said that severe heat conditions will continue in Rajasthan. The temperature is likely to drop by 2 to 3 degrees in some areas of Eastern rajasthan from May 29 and in some areas of Western rajasthan from May 30.

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