Krishnapatnam port in nellore district has reached a level where it can handle 75 million tonnes of cargo per annum. The port is owned by krishnapatnam port Company Limited (KPCL). The company is 92% owned by Hyderabad-based CVR Group. krishnapatnam port is not a modern marvel. The place originally served as a port during the rule of Vijayanagara Emperor Krishnadevaraya. krishnapatnam port has dedicated terminals to handle various types of cargo ranging from bulk materials to containers to liquid natural gas.

Rain or shine krishnapatnam port is always available. Chances of port shutdown are very low. Due to this, goods can be supplied regularly. The port has excellent connectivity through road, rail, conveyor belts, pipelines for efficient cargo handling. The port is continuously being developed in phases to meet the growing commercial demands.

But efforts are not being made to the extent that nellore is known as a port. Even if the port was developed, it was handed over to private companies. Due to this the local youth has lost its importance here. Fishermen are also benefiting from this port.

The port is creating jobs but many local people lack specialized skills or are unable to provide them. Young people have no experience and are unable to get temporary jobs. A port may favor certain industries or roles, limiting opportunities for young people seeking different career paths.

Port construction and operation disrupt fish habitats and traditional fishing areas, adversely affecting the livelihood of fishermen. Increased shipping traffic, cargo handling leads to water pollution, harming fish populations and marine ecosystems.

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