Donald trump sells ‘very special’ private jet…

Republican mega donor, Mehrdad Moayedi, an Iranian-American construction and development tycoon has bought Trump's Cessna jet. After facing nearly $100m in legal judgments this year, Donald Trump’s company decided to sell one of his private jets, according to public filings. The buyer is a Republican mega donor who contributed nearly $250,000 to a political committee linked to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

The plane, a 1997 Cessna jet, is valued around $10 million by evoJets. However, the specific terms of the transaction remain undisclosed. Federal Aviation Administration records indicate that on May 13, the aircraft’s registration shifted from the trump Organization’s DT air Corp to MM Fleet Holdings LLC, a Texas-based company. This entity is associated with Mehrdad Moayedi, an Iranian-American construction and development tycoon from dallas who operates Centurion American Custom Homes.

Who is Mehrdad Moayedi?

Moayedi, who founded Centurion in 1990, has developed thousands of homes and collaborates with both public and private entities. He is also a notable trump donor. Federal campaign finance records reveal that in 2019 and 2020, he donated $245,000 to trump Victory, a committee that fundraised for the trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and various state GOP parties. Moayedi contributed the maximum allowable amount of $5,600 to Trump’s campaign and has supported other GOP candidates and committees, including the RNC, senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Nikki Haley. In 2022, he also donated the maximum primary contribution of $2,900 to senator Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona independent.

All about Trump's Cessna Jet

Trump has showcased Cessna on the trump Aviation website as a “very special feature within the trump Aviation fleet. Its sale signifies the financial strains trump is trying to hide amid a high stake presidential election. Trump's “rocket in the sky,” can fly at speeds up to Mach .92 and altitudes as high as 51,000 feet. It is one of the fastest in the world. With a trump Crest on its exterior the jet boasts top-of-the-line interiors, seats nine passengers comfortably.

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