Prince Harry’s kids Archie and Lilibet’s working…?

Prince Harry and Meghan may have decided to stop working as senior royals after leaving the UK and moving to California. Still, things might be different for their kids Archie and Lilibet once they grow up. The Sussexes' departure from their royal status has left a question mark hanging over the future of their children. While they hold royal titles, their path as working members of the firm seems uncertain. However, one surprising individual within the royal family could hold the key to bringing them back to the scene, and that is none other than prince George.

The british monarchy has evolved with each new king or queen adapting to the times and available resources. This happened with queen Elizabeth II, and king Charles, and it will likely happen with William. Meanwhile, royal experts are speculating about the future of Archie and Lilibet, the children of estranged royals Harry and Meghan. Expert Jack Royston told Express that he sees no reason why prince George wouldn’t ask his cousins to join the royal firm once he inherits the crown from William.

“George will not have any right to call the shots until he is king, which will likely be many years from now, potentially 50 to 60 years if William's reign continues into his 90s, as queen Elizabeth II's did,” Royston said. However, the expert warned that Archie and Lilibet's involvement depends on William and George accepting the crown. Until then, once king Charles passes on the crown, it will be William “calling the shots.”

Could Harry and Meghan’s children go back to their royal roots in the future?

Technically, yes. The Sussexes' kids are currently sixth and seventh in line to the throne. However, this could change once William and Kate’s children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, have their own kids. Meghan is reportedly concerned that their children might blame them for keeping them isolated from the family. Despite the royal rift, uncertainty looms in the hearts. Royston added that the future also depends on whether the Duke and Duchess's kids want to pursue a career in the royal firm, as they might choose other paths, potentially becoming film stars like Meghan.

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