Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3!!!

Epic Games launched Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, titled Wrecked, on Friday. The latest season revolves around a theme similar to a mash-up of Fallout and Mad Max. Ahead of the launch, the developers described the season in a blog post that read, “A ferocious sandstorm recently moved over the Island, creating a new biome in the south dubbed the wasteland.” “The 'Wasteland Warriors' have already called shotgun on owning the place (they did ride in with the sandstorm, after all). This crew moves as fast as their decked-out cars, proven by the places they've already established,” the post added. In this article, we will explore everything about the new season:

Points of Interest

Fortnite has introduced several new Points of Interest in the new map that are run by different Wasteland characters.

Redline Rig

Redline Rig is a Nitro refinery run by The Machinist, the Wasteland Warriors’ master mechanic, who is available in the Battle Pass.


This point of interest is located on the south of the island and is ruled by Ringmaster Scarr, who runs the circus of the cars.

Brutal Beachhead

Brutal Beachhead is the Wasteland Warriors' base of operations, where their master muscle, Megalo Don, dwells. The map has also changed; Snooty Steppes is now called sandy Steppes.

New Weapons

Nitro Fists- Allows you to perform a three-punch combo, uppercut, or an aerial punch.

Boom Bolt - A fast-firing moddable crossbow that shoots explosive bolts.

Going Nitro

Throughout the island, players will now come across two Nitro containers:

Nitro Splash- is a portable Nitro container you can throw down to infuse your car (or yourself) with Nitro.

Nitro Barrels- Nitro containers that Nitro-fy on contact, meaning they take off in the air when launched and explode upon landing.

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