After the bifurcation of the state, the congress party collapsed in AP. The congress leadership is trying their best to bring stability to such a party. In this order, YS sharmila, daughter of YS Rajasekhar Reddy, has been appointed as the party's state president. With this, YS sharmila made extensive tours to increase the vote percentage of the party in the state. She contested as the kadapa MP in the current election. Despite the expectations of her victory, there is a debate in political circles as to how much she can increase the party's vote share. At this moment, a letter released on social media by an unknown person who claims to be a strong supporter of the congress party has become a topic of discussion in political circles. The sensational allegations made by the man in this caused the party ranks to panic.

If you look at the social media post of the congress worker, 'As a die-hard Congressman, the current situation of the party is not because of me, but because of many people. This is a fact. No matter what anyone thinks, the time has come to save the congress party in Andhra Pradesh. Although the congress party has not been in power here for 10 years, it is a fact that some elders have tried to improve the party as much as they can, without losing power. My heartfelt thanks to all of them. But no one tried to sell the party.

 It happened now. Soon we will know why they are trying to kill the party and who is behind it. The sale of tickets should not be neglected under any circumstances other than by those who have worked at the party. We can understand their thoughts if they sold party tickets in defiance of the leadership. This caused immense damage to the party. It is their illusion that everyone will see if they are destroying the party for selfish purposes...' the post said.

According to this, severe criticism is coming from the leaders of the congress party in the allotment of tickets. It has become a sensation to mention that they will fight against sharmila and their activity will be after june 4. Due to this, doubts are being expressed that sharmila will have to fight in the party.

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