It is known that polling for 175 assembly and parliament seats in the state of andhra pradesh has ended recently. In this background, everyone is eagerly waiting for the election results. Betting on which party will win in ap is also going strong. In this context, junior NTR's social media post has become a hot topic.

It is known that senior NTR's 101st birth anniversary was celebrated on Tuesday. On this occasion, junior ntr and ram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kalyan ram paid tributes to senior ntr at ntr Ghat. But junior ntr posted a post on social media after this event. This created a new turmoil in the telugu Desam Party. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao's foot is here or the telugu land is going to shrink.

Not seeing your face, the heart of telugu will be shaken. Touch this earth and heart once again with a big heart Grandfather... Then junior ntr posted a sensational post. This post has gone viral on social media. But some people say that this post made by junior ntr was meant for the telugu Desam Party.

Grandpa you or the telugu desam party is going to get smaller. Just like junior ntr posted a post saying to get down immediately... Some people are making that post viral. junior ntr has been isolated. Nandamuri's family has been alienated.  Chandrababu is the reason... That's why.. junior ntr has posted like this... some people are commenting. telugu desam party has nothing to do with junior ntr recently.. telugu brothers said. However.. some others are saying that ntr gave this counter as a counter to those comments.

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