3,622 people admitted to hospital due to heat stroke in Rajasthan!

In rajasthan alone, 3,622 people have been hospitalized due to heatstroke due to extreme heat.Heat stroke patients increased in rajasthan 3622 admitted in hospital

Summer heat is burning all over the country. Especially, the impact of heat is more in northern states. Heat wave is hitting various states with temperature reaching up to 49 degrees Celsius. In that way, in the desert state of rajasthan alone, 3,622 people have been hospitalized due to heat stroke due to extreme heat.

Due to excessive heat, our body organs suddenly become inactive and it is called 'heat stroke'. Data shows that more than 100 people die directly from 'heat stroke' every year in india alone.

Meanwhile, the number of heat stroke patients in rajasthan has increased from 2809 to 3622. A severe heat wave is continuing in the state. With one person dying in rajasthan due to extreme heat, the number of people suffering from heat stroke is increasing.

Rajasthan's Palodi recorded a temperature of 49.4 degrees Celsius yesterday. This is 6.3 degrees above normal. Similarly, jaipur recorded a maximum temperature of 46.4 degrees Celsius. It was 0.8 degrees higher than the previous day. Kota recorded a maximum temperature of 48.2 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature was 36 degrees Celsius. It is 5 degrees above normal.

All cities in the state recorded temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius. Ajmer recorded maximum temperature of 46.3 degrees Celsius, Bhilwara (47.4), Bharatpur (48.2), Alwar (46.2), Pilani (48.5), Chittorgarh (47), Parmar (49.3), jaisalmer (48.7), jodhpur (47.4), bikaner (48.2). ), Churu (48), Sri Ganganagar (48.3), and Dholpur recorded a maximum temperature of 48.1 degrees Celsius.

The current severe heat is likely to continue for the next 2-3 days, the temperature will start decreasing from May 29, and the maximum temperature will be normal in the first week of June, director of the State Meteorological Center R.S. Sharma said.

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