Again the pandamic cannot be avoided! Warning british scientist!

"When there's no sign of an epidemic, it's not an easy thing to discount," warns Sir Patrick Vallance, Britain's former chief science adviser.Next Pandemic Is "Absolutely Inevitable", Warns Top british Scientist

Britain's former chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, has said that another pandemic is certain to occur and cannot be avoided. He also warned that the next government in britain should make preparedness a priority.

One of the most important things, Valens emphasized, is to develop a better surveillance system for early detection of epidemic threats. He also said that as he told the G7 leaders in 2021, there is a need for quick action.

A facility for rapid diagnosis, vaccination and treatment should be available. By doing this, we can prevent severe damage like the one that happened during the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, Valens mentioned. While this is doable, it also requires significant international coordination, he points out.

Next Pandemic Is "Absolutely Inevitable", Warns Top british Scientist ."When there's no sign of an infection, it's not an easy thing to rule out," Valens warns.

Mentioning the initiative of the World health Organization regarding measures against the epidemic, he said that it was one of the positive steps taken to establish cooperation among the countries of the world. But he added that not enough attention seems to be being paid.

Vallance also noted the difficulties in diagnosing the disease, and said that a better way to deal with it must be found.

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