EVP-VVPAT sealed in strong room, walls on all roads...

After the voting of lok sabha elections, EVM and VVPAT machines of four assembly constituencies of Gurugram district were kept in four separate strong rooms and sealed. The sealing process was completed on monday (May 27) under the supervision of General Observer Dr. Dilraj Kaur. CAPF police force personnel have been deployed outside the EVM strong room. No one is allowed to go to the spot. EVM strong rooms will now be opened on june 4 in the morning under the supervision of the General Observer. Counting of votes will take place on june 4 only.

Roads leading to strong room closed

According to district election Officer and district Collector Nishant Kumar Yadav, before the counting of votes, the candidates of gurgaon lok sabha constituency or their election agents can see the strong room arrangements from a distance. No officer or candidate will be able to go near the strong room, if this happens then the person going there will have to enter all the details in the record register. To provide strong security to the EVM strong rooms, brick walls have been built to close the routes around them. CCTVs are installed outside the strong rooms of Badshahpur, Pataudi, Sohna and gurgaon assembly constituencies. Their control room has been built in the college campus.

Counting of votes will start on the morning of june 4

The district election Officer said that counting of votes will be done in the morning on june 4. Even during that time, only employees, officers, candidates and their counting agents authorized by the election Department can enter the counting centres. No common man will be allowed to come to the counting centre.

Tight security arrangements

The process of counting of votes for the lok sabha elections will be completed as per the instructions of the election Commission. Extensive preparations are being made for this. For the security of all four strong rooms, duty magistrates have been deployed in three shifts for a period of eight hours each, who will keep a watch on the strong rooms one by one.

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