Kirti Vyas murder Case: Body not found till date...

The court has announced the punishment in the kirti Vyas murder case of Mumbai. On tuesday (28 May), the Sessions court sentenced the two arrested accused to life imprisonment. The court sentenced accused Siddhesh Tamhankar and Khushi Sajwani to life imprisonment. The court has sentenced both the accused to life imprisonment in the case of murder under section 302 of IPC. Along with this, the court has sentenced 10 years' imprisonment in the case of kidnapping under Section 363 of IPC and 7 years in the case of Section 201 of IPC i.e. destroying evidence.

What was the whole matter?

Let us tell you that kirti Vyas and both the accused worked in a salon named B Blunt, the accused was an employee and kirti was the finance manager. According to the information, Siddhesh Tamhankar was not working properly, due to which kirti had given him one month's notice. Khushi was Siddhesh's girlfriend. Angered by the notice issued by Kirti, Siddhesh and Khushi had planned to kill Kirti. When kirti went missing on march 16, 2018, her family members had filed a missing complaint. So that no one gets suspicious, both the accused Siddhesh and Khushi also started pretending to find her, but when the investigation progressed and CCTV was examined, it was found that in the CCTV footage of the day kirti went missing, Siddhesh was seen near Kirti's house. Was seen standing.

Killer revealed by a drop of blood

Four months later, during the investigation, the FSL department found blood particles in the trunk of Khushi's car. After which the police extracted dna from that blood drop and that dna was matched with the dna of Kirti's parents and it was a match. On this basis, the police had arrested Siddhesh and Khushi in the case.

Kirti was murdered after kidnapping

Siddhesh and Khushi kidnapped kirti on march 16, 2018 and later strangulated her to death in a moving vehicle. Then in the evening, Kirti's body was thrown into the creek of Wadala. This case was going on in the court of Judge MG Deshpande for the last 6 years and today the court gave its verdict. In this case, the police have not found Kirti's body till date.

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