Political temperature rises in Rajasthan...

At present the political temperature of congress is rising in Rajasthan. A round of rhetoric is going on. After the statement of former cm ashok gehlot, now former congress leaders have opened the front. Regarding which allegations and counter-allegations are going on. In fact, former cm ashok gehlot has called the leaders who have left congress rejected, useless and even traitors. On which former mla Richpal Mircha and former congress leader suresh Mishra have raised many questions.

Whereas congress leader Sushil Asopa has said many things. Former secretary Sushil Asopa said, "Gehlot's displeasure with those leaving congress and joining bjp is justified. Calling him a traitor, incompetent, NPA, useless etc. is not the language of Gandhi's Congress. Anyway, your words like Rajendra Yadav, Lal Chand Kataria, Richhpal Mirdha etc. were so special for them, 'Hey Ram!'

Richpal Mirdha gave this answer?

Ashok Gehlot's close friend and former mla Richpal Mirdha have released a video. He said that one can understand after listening to the words of the former cm three times. Who has enjoyed the pleasures of power? Mirdha said that the only reason for leaving congress is ashok Gehlot. We had to save our honour. That's why I had to leave Congress. We had worked honestly for Congress. Former mla Richpal Mirdha said, "Ashok Gehlot should make these statements before june 4, because the test of his work will be known in Jalore." Only the result of Jalore will tell everything. ashok gehlot had told all this to his popular leaders also. We have worked for the party by investing money from home. ashok gehlot himself is the main reason for the poor condition of congress in Rajasthan.

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