Many people tell their children that education is the only real asset. It can be said that even if thousands of crores have been accumulated, if they are left in the hands of incompetent people, the assets will be dissolved in a very short time. That's why they think that education is a real asset for their children, if they study, they will have confidence and courage to survive. cm Jaganmohan reddy recognized the same thing and believed very strongly.

They strongly believe that if they are provided with quality education then there will be no fear about the future in the days to come. But quality education in these times is a costly affair. Especially for english medium studies.. there is a situation to spend in lakhs. If they are rich, they spend somehow. Especially the situation of poor and middle class families is worse in this regard.

That is why the government of andhra pradesh not only implemented english media in the school, but also implemented what was needed by any chief minister in the history of the country, but also implemented the decision to provide quality education to everyone. Today, through the program, the government schools have been changed and made into corporate schools. parents who send their children to private schools are voting to send their children to government schools.

It is very clear especially if you look at the admissions in private schools this year. Every year, from the beginning of summer vacations, the admissions process in private schools was done on a large scale. But it seems that the number of people taking admission in private schools has decreased a lot. Especially with the increase in facilities like good education and english medium, the government school is showing weakness. But the people of andhra pradesh are thankful to jagan that all these are the changes brought by Jagan.

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