It has become very difficult to say which party will come to power in AP. But now it has become viral that governance is not so easy even if anyone comes. people have already given a very clear verdict. It is hidden only in Eve. The results will be announced on june 4. The new government will begin its rule on the ninth. However, the implementation of promises such as development and job creation is not a matter of hope.

It will be more than two years for the new regime to come to power. If jagan comes to power, things will continue. If the same alliance comes, the news is that Chandrababu will be on the sword. ap Sarkar's debt of 12 lakh crores will be borne by the new government. Also all the promises made in the manifesto should be implemented. Especially, the alliance has blown up that it will provide employment opportunities on a large scale.

Free travel in rtc bus for women, financial security for every household, encouragement for children's education, rythu bharosa investment 20,000.. 20 lakh jobs.. three free gas cylinders.. Apart from these many promises were announced in the alliance manifesto. Chandrababu who used to stay away from welfare in the past has also announced many schemes to come to power this time. It is also doubtful whether all these will be implemented or not. Also, 60 lakh people across the state are getting social pension, Chandrababu said that he will increase it to 4 thousand and he also said that he will also increase it for the disabled and kidney sufferers.

Apart from saying that he will do development, he also said that he will create wealth and develop welfare. If jagan comes to power, there is no need to implement new schemes. It is enough to continue with what is. Let's see what happens on the fourth day.

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