Assembly and parliament elections in ap ended on May 13. The results of the elections will also be announced in the next week. Almost 15 days have passed since the election. But Chandrababu did not make any announcement that his party is going to win this time. Earlier those who said that they will get certain seats did not make any comments this time. Not only he but no tdp leader said that they are going to win so many seats that victory is theirs. Yellow media also became completely silent after polling.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the ruling party YCP are confident that the victory will be theirs this time. cm jagan met the IPAC team before leaving for London. On that occasion, he said that this victory will go down in history with a bigger majority than last time. He made comments that the result will surprise the whole country. They expressed confidence that they are winning more than 151 seats. Other leaders also announced that they are winning 125 to 160 Ramu assembly seats. Chandrababu, janasena chief Pawan Kalyan, Purandeshwari and lokesh could not make a bold statement that the tdp alliance would win.

Central leaders like amit shah are confident that bjp is going to form the government in ap with TDP. Chandrababu did not have the trust they had. This time polling has been recorded at a record level, so whoever wins is sure to win with a huge majority, say political analysts. But whoever comes to power this time, it can be said that there will be some challenges. If jagan wins, he will face challenges in issues like alcoholism and road development. Chandrababu will face many difficulties in implementing the promised welfare schemes.

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