Third accused also arrested in rajkot 'fire incident'…

Rajkot police has also arrested the third accused in the horrific accident in Rajkot's gaming zone. This accused named rahul Rathod was a partner in TRP Gaming Zone. In fact, 27 people including four children lost their lives in this tragic incident. At the same time, a petition was filed taking suo motu cognizance in this rajkot fire incident case. government lawyer manish Jha said that the hearing lasted for four and a half hours in the High Court. During this, the court has said that the game zone was run under the supervision of RMC, police and road and building department officials. The game zone started in 2021 and approval was sought after three years. There was no fire NOC.

Advocate Jha said that for complaints related to the state machinery and what is it used. The court had asked the SIT to submit a report within 72 hours. This is the negligence of the Municipal Commissioner. The matter was kept pending in this petition. If suspension is to be done, then that can also be done. He said that when the court heard the matter and discussed whether the debris would be removed, the matter was taken seriously when the matter of FSL investigation came up and asked to see that the evidence is not destroyed. The police did not remove the debris, but the fire staff removed the debris to find the body. The dna report has not come. The missing person complaint will come, the data will come, it will be investigated and the dna report will come, the picture will become clear.

'The gaming zone was running under the nose of the corporation'

The court said that the game zone was running without approval under the nose of the corporation. The game zone was running without the necessary approval for three years, the question is how such a game zone can run without the permission of the local police station. At the same time, after the rajkot incident, AMC, VMC, SMC have also started investigating the rules. The court said that the rajkot incident is an eye-opener. The eyes of the system have opened after the death of innocent children. The state government has formed an SIT in this case with immediate effect. The interim report is guaranteed to be available today or tomorrow.

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