Priyanka targeted PM -' please billionaire friends...'

The last phase of voting in himachal pradesh is to be held on june 1. The election atmosphere in himachal pradesh has gained momentum. Star campaigners are holding public meetings in Himachal Pradesh. All india congress Committee General Secretary priyanka gandhi campaigned in favor of congress candidate anand sharma from kangra parliamentary constituency. During this, she targeted prime minister Narendra Modi fiercely. priyanka gandhi said that the prime minister did not help himachal pradesh during the disaster in Himachal Pradesh.

Priyanka gandhi targeted PM Modi

The All india congress Committee General Secretary said, "In the last ten years, the Modi government has made policies only to please its billionaire friends. The central government does not have money to give old pension to the employees, while they have waived off loans of Rs 16 lakh crore to industrialists and the resources of the country are being handed over to them. The prime minister has handed over the cold stores of apples to industrialist friends, who are controlling the prices of apples. The reason for this is that apple growers are not getting a fair price for apples.''

Priyanka again raised the issue of import duty on apples

Priyanka gandhi said that along with this, the import duty on foreign apples was reduced. This caused losses to apple growers. congress was in power for 55 years, but never compromised with the interests of the public. She said that inflation and unemployment have increased due to the wrong policies of the central government. She said that the policies of the government are against the common people.

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