Karni Sena got angry on bjp candidate Kangana...

Voting will be held on june 1 in the last phase on Mandi seat of Himachal Pradesh. Here, a war of words is going on between bjp candidate kangana ranaut and congress candidate vikramaditya Singh. Meanwhile, Karni Sena President Suraj Pal Ammu has objected to a comment made by kangana ranaut regarding Vikramaditya's personal life.

Talking to the media in Dharamshala, Karni Sena President Ammu said, "I was just listening to kangana ji's statement. I object to the kind of language kangana ranaut is using. kangana ranaut was threatened by uddhav Thackeray's people in Mumbai. So Karni Sena had pitted thousands of Karni Sainiks against shiv sena for her protection. The reason was that she is the daughter of India. She is a good actress but shiv sena made indecent comments about her and Karni Sena supported her.''

Karn Sena objects to comments on women and daughters - Suraj Pal

Ammu said, ''But the same kangana ranaut is commenting about that family and woman today, so Karni Sena objects. This is not a scene from films where she is running on a fake horse and looks good in the film. This is an election battlefield. Devbhoomi Himachal. Good, simple and hardworking people live here. If someone uses indecent language here, then the public is aware. These are lovely, sweet and calm people. If someone forcefully makes indecent comments against those families, sisters, daughters-in-law and daughters, then Karni Sena objects.''

Vikramaditya does not know how to respect women - Kangana

Kangana Ranaut recently got angry at the statement of vikramaditya Singh's mother Pratibha Singh and said, "They should not be given much importance because they are losing. But I know this about the prince, he does not know how to respect women." Along with this, kangana also commented on Vikramaditya's personal life.

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