Jeetu Patwari reached to meet the victim's family…

After the uncle's death in Sagar, madhya pradesh and nephew jumping from the hearse and dying during treatment, congress is continuously attacking the government. While former cm Digvijay Singh attended the funeral of the deceased, PCC chief Jeetu Patwari reached the victim's family's house. He told the family that he has come to meet them on rahul Gandhi's request. During this, Patwari also made the victim's family talk to rahul gandhi on mobile. On the evening of 26 May, 23-year-old Anjana Ahirwar of Barodia Naunagiri committed suicide by jumping from the vehicle. She was returning to the village with the body of her adopted uncle Rajendra Ahirwar. Deceased Rajendra's parents and a policeman were also present in the vehicle. While 20 km before the village in Khurd, Anjana opened the gate of the hearse and jumped. She died during treatment in the hospital.

The dispute started from here

According to the victim's family, on the evening of 24 august 2023, the accused party reached Nitin Ahirwar's house, where pressure was put on him to compromise in the old molestation case of the year 2019. After this, Lalu alias Nitin Ahirwar, brother of the deceased Anjana, was beaten up near Barodia Naunagir bus stand, he died due to serious injuries in the assault. In this case, the police had registered a case of murder against four other accused including 9 named ones. In this case, the deceased Rajendra Ahirwar and the deceased Anjana Ahirwar were witnesses. The victim's family alleges that pressure was being put on them not to testify, Rajendra was murdered for not testifying, while the terrified Anjana also committed suicide.

Rahul gandhi can also come to the village

PCC Chief Jeetu Patwari, who reached the victim's family's house, said that I have come here at the behest of rahul Gandhi. rahul gandhi can also come here. During this, Patwari also made the members of the victim's family talk to rahul gandhi on the phone.

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