When and how to see the exit poll of 7 seats of Delhi? 

Voting was held on the sixth phase (25 May) for seven lok sabha seats in Delhi. people are waiting for the exit poll after the last phase of voting is over. As the last phase of voting is approaching, the discussion about victory and defeat is reaching its peak among the people associated with different parties of Delhi.

After the voting ended in the sixth phase on all seven lok sabha seats of delhi, bjp and india Alliance (Aam Aadmi party and Congress) had claimed their victory. In such a situation, there is confusion among the people as to who will win the seven lok sabha seats of Delhi. Who will win from which seat? Discussions are already going on among the supporters of major parties in delhi whether their candidates will win or not. Since delhi is the national capital of the country, despite having fewer seats, victory and defeat here is a matter of discussion.

What is the important question in the mind of the public?

Amidst all this, the important question is what is in the mind of the people of Delhi. Who are the voters of the national capital with? To know this, ABP news has conducted a survey i.e. exit poll through C-Voter. After the final voting at 6 pm on june 1, 2024, exit polls will be shown from 6.30 pm on the same day. According to the information provided by the election Commission, under Section 126A of the Representation of the people Act 1951, exit polls will be banned from 7 am on april 19 to 6.30 pm on june 1.

Watch exit poll here

People of delhi can watch live on ABP news TV channel, facebook page, instagram account, social media site X and YouTube page. Let us tell you that voting is being conducted in seven phases on 543 lok sabha seats of the country including delhi seats. The final phase of voting will be held on june 1. Exit polls will come on june 1 and counting of votes will be done on june 4 and the results will be declared by the election Commission.

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