You can watch many powerful shows by just 10 rupees!!!

Jitendra Kumar's most awaited series 'Panchayat Season 3' is finally releasing today on the OTT platform amazon Prime Video. There is a lot of buzz about this series. Actually, the two seasons of 'Panchayat' were a huge hit and fans were eagerly waiting for its third installment. Finally, 'Panchayat Season 3' is streaming today. But do you know that you can watch many powerful shows including 'Panchayat Season 3' by spending just 10 rupees a day. Let's know how?

Where was 'Panchayat Season 3' released (Panchayat Season 3 Streaming on amazon Prime Video)

'Panchayat Season 3' is streaming today on OTT's giant platform amazon Prime Video. This series will stream from 12 o'clock tonight. Let us tell you that many actors including Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Sanvika, Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik, Neena Gupta, Sunita Rajwar, Pankaj Jha have played important roles in 'Panchayat 3'.

You can watch 'Panchayat Season 3' by spending 10 rupees

Everyone is very excited to watch 'Panchayat Season 3'. But if you do not have a subscription, then do not worry. By spending just 10 rupees a day, you can watch many great series and movies like panchayat Season 3. Let's know how you can enjoy the best series available on amazon for just 10 rupees a day

How you can watch great series on Prime Video for 10 rupees every day (Amazon Prime Video Subscription Price)

Let us tell you that the monthly subscription plan of Prime Video is very cheap. The monthly plan is available for just Rs 299. This means that by spending just Rs 10 per day, you can enjoy all the great series and movies available on this platform including 'Panchayat Season 3' for the whole month.

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