CS jawahar Reddy.. There is no name that has been discussed in the media in recent times in Andhra Pradesh. If the opposition has targeted CS jawahar reddy more than jagan, it can be understood what his range is. jawahar reddy was an able IAS who carried out his responsibilities as a senior officer in a forthright manner and did not shy away from criticism.

Jawahar reddy held key responsibilities even from the reign of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He played a key role in the CMO during the YS regime. After that, jawahar reddy worked as the Chief Secretary of the Medical and health Department. Later he was transferred as EO of tirumala tirupati Devasthanam. He was transferred to CMO while working as ttd EO. He also undertook two responsibilities for a few months. KS jawahar reddy, who took charge as CS in november 2022, is going to retire next month.

Jawahar reddy, who served as ttd EO, left his mark on the organization. With many revolutionary decisions, the reputation of the organization was ironed. He did not work in the service of VIPs. He worked with the aim of bringing Swami closer to the common people. Most of them were successful.

CS jawahar reddy, who took charge as CS in november 2022.. Although the financial situation of the state is complicated, he managed the responsibilities effectively to avoid the deficit. No matter how many difficulties.. jagan has played a vital role in not getting involved in the welfare schemes which he considers ambitious. Jagan's reputation as the charioteer of welfare is such that the role of CS jawahar reddy cannot be ignored.

During the election, jawahar reddy played his role effectively as CS. It is known that once the election code comes into force, all the power will be in the hands of the EC. Chandrababu teamed up with the ruling nda at the center and tried hard to ease the election process. But jawahar reddy did not allow such pulses to cook as long as possible. It must be said that jawahar reddy also maintained Jagan's faith in him in that regard.

During the elections, TDP, which was a part of ND, put a lot of pressure on CS. jawahar reddy did not surrender at all. Especially people like Nimmagadda resorted to ec and made a fuss that pensions should not be given through volunteers. This issue was much debated before the elections. No matter how much the yellow media complained that jawahar reddy had troubled the elderly in the matter of pensions, jawahar reddy acted straightforwardly.

At the time of the retirement of old CS sameer Sharma, the seniority list included Nirab Kumar Prasad, Poonam Malakondaiah, Karikal Veldevan and Giridhar Aramane in the CS race. However, cm jagan favored jawahar Reddy. The reason for that is Jagan's faith in jawahar Reddy. jawahar reddy never betrayed that belief.

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