We all know that the assembly elections in andhra pradesh state ended on May 13. The result will come on june 4. Many new developments are taking place before this result. In the next few days, Jana Sena candidates are making many accusations against Chief Secretary CS, KS jawahar reddy that he has seized hundreds of acres of land, that he has grabbed the land that should be given to the poor, and that he has written many assigned lands in the name of his son. Accusations are being made. Who knows how true these allegations are?

But at the same time, many accusations are coming against him. The thousands making accusations like this have forgotten all the good things he has done and only the accusations against him are circulating well in the people. He did many good work during his tenure as CS. In that, especially in Andhra state, many measures have been taken to prevent illegal liquor, ganja, and other intoxicants from being transported anywhere. As a result of his actions, most of the illegal liquor, ganja, and other intoxicants in Andhra state have been stopped.

Through these, the future of many youths has improved. He has done a lot of good to the state of Andhra with his work style on this one system and many systems. Many people think that accusations against him who has done many good works during his tenure as CS, for the development of Andhra state and the welfare of the people there, are incorrect.

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