It is known that the Chief Secretary of andhra pradesh KS jawahar reddy bought assigned lands in the northern coastal districts including Visakhapatnam and grabbed the lands in the northern region. He has become a hot topic due to this allegation. Many are also talking about the good he did on this occasion. And let us also know about the good he has done for AP.

Jawahar reddy has been instrumental in implementing many innovative reforms aimed at shaping the future of the state of Andhra Pradesh. He focused on various areas like wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital governance, economic development, health, education and sustainability.

An important program called Vikasit Andhra-2047 was born under the leadership of jawahar Reddy. Under this initiative, the state is targeted to become a developed region by 2047. The program includes comprehensive plans in several sectors including trade, tourism and shipbuilding, the goal of which is to secure the necessary funding and support from the central government. In the field of education, jawahar reddy worked to modernize government schools through the "Nadu-Nedu" scheme. Through this scheme, the important task is to improve the infrastructure of the schools and provide quality education to the students.

Jawahar reddy focused on speeding up the modernization of schools and improving enrollment rates. Actions are taken to ensure that all children aged 5-18 years achieve 100% school attendance. Also, the Chief Secretary has worked hard to attract investment into the state and create employment opportunities. He was actively involved in responding to crises in the agricultural sector and helping farmers.

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