In the background of andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections... ap Chief Secretary jawahar reddy became a hot topic. The telugu Desam alliance has always been making accusations that jawahar reddy is in favor of Jaganmohan Reddy's government. But jawahar reddy is moving forward doing his work honestly. No matter how many accusations are made they are going forward as if there is no reduction. They are moving forward by being on the side of the people.

But... K.S. jawahar reddy has seen many ups and downs in his career. Also got many awards and rewards. Dr. K.S. jawahar Reddy...has made significant contributions in the fields of health, education and rural development in his career. Dr. jawahar reddy joined the job in 1990. He also has a medical degree. This gave him a deep understanding in the field of health. Thus he brought important changes in this field.

In his prolific career, he has made several key achievements. As a collector, he held various secretary level posts in the state government. In any post...many reforms have been done in it. During his tenure as Principal Secretary, Department of Health...initiated and implemented several health programs to improve public health outcomes. Rural infrastructure has been provided in the field of rural development. He also worked in improving livelihood.

As the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh...he is leading the state of andhra pradesh towards development. His performance during the Corona pandemic is highly commendable. jawahar reddy received the President's gold Medal in 1986. jawahar reddy is synonymous with visionary leadership, public service and integrity. He possesses the ability to overcome complex administrative challenges with creative solutions. Overall, Dr. K.S. is a symbol of excellence in public administration and a role model for all. jawahar Reddy.

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