Kejriwal alleging sensationalism!

Court summons to aam aadmi party minister Adishi: Next arrest - kejriwal alleging sensationalism!

Court summons delhi minister and aam aadmi party leader Adishi to appear in defamation case

Delhi court summoned AAP minister Atishi arvind kejriwal claims arrest

A delhi court has issued summons to delhi minister and aam aadmi party leader Adishi in connection with a defamation case filed by delhi BJP's media wing chief praveen Shankar Kapur. Adishi has been ordered to appear in court on june 29.

BJP media wing chief praveen Shankar Kapur has filed a defamation case against Atishi's allegation that bjp is trying to poach Aam Aadmi MLAs with bribes. He also mentioned delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's name in the defamation case and said that such allegations are damaging to him and his party's reputation.

Accepting the charges, the court found Adishi guilty and directed him to appear on june 29. praveen Shankar Kapur filed a defamation case in a delhi court on april 30, alleging that Adishi's comments were baseless and he failed to prove them.

In his petition in the court, he cited Arvind Kejriwal's social media post that the bjp contacted 7 aam aadmi party MLAs and negotiated Rs 25 crore to switch parties. In his petition, he has also pointed out Atishi's allegation that he has to join the bjp to save his political career or face arrest by the enforcement department.

Atishi, who had earlier met the media last month, said, “BJP approached me through someone very close to me. They invited me to join bjp to save my political career. Otherwise they threatened to be arrested by the enforcement department.” He had accused.   At that time Adishi had alleged that he would be arrested along with Saurabh Bhardwaj, Raghav Chadha and Durgesh Pathak.

In this situation, arvind kejriwal commented on the court's summons to Adishi, "Aam Aadmi party leaders are being arrested in false cases one after another. I had said earlier that Adishi might be arrested next. All aam aadmi party leaders are arrested one by one in false cases. If Modi comes back to power, every opposition leader will be arrested. It is important to save our beloved country from dictatorship.” He said.

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