In this 'battle', indian soldiers defeated the Chinese army, video surfaced

The Chinese army once again saw the strength of the indian army in the Galwan Valley. In fact, in the Tug of war held in Africa, the soldiers of india defeated the Chinese Army.

The indian army has once again brought glory to India. In fact, during the deployment of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan, Africa, Tug of war was conducted between indian and Chinese soldiers. In this competition, the indian army defeated the Chinese army by showing its strength. Its video is rapidly going viral on social media and people are also reacting to it.

Competition held in Africa

The army officer said that the soldiers of both the countries were face to face in the Tug of War. This was a very exciting match between the soldiers of both the countries. In this, indian soldiers demonstrated their strength and defeated the Chinese soldiers. During this, the entire game was also videographed. In this, indian soldiers were seen celebrating after the victory.

Objective of this competition

The aim of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission is to establish security and peace in war-affected countries. Since the Cold war, the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission has been designed with the aim of ending the war quickly, protecting civilians and supporting long-term peace and security. It includes soldiers, police and civilians of the member countries of the United Nations.

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