Why did Haryana's independent mla say so?

Independent mla from Charkhi Dadri, haryana and head of Sangwan Khap, Sombir Sangwan, has launched a big attack on bjp while retaliating to the statement of chief minister Naib Singh Saini. Actually, cm Naib Singh saini had said that he will persuade the three independent MLAs of the state and make them join bjp again. mla Sombir Sangwan has retaliated to this statement of cm Saini. He said that all three independent MLAs have full support of congress and will continue to do so.

MLA Sombir Sangwan further said that whether the bjp government offers to make these MLAs ministers or president, they will not support BJP. He said that all three independent MLAs will not join BJP. The chief minister should stop tempting them. All three MLAs are firm on their decision.

These three MLAs have brought the bjp government in haryana into minority by supporting Congress. If the Naib Singh saini government conducts a floor test of MLAs in haryana, it will fail.

Independent mla also spoke on kangana Ranaut's case

Reacting to the misbehavior with kangana ranaut at chandigarh airport, independent mla Sombir Sangwan said that she uses cheap words. The feelings of the CISF woman soldier were hurt, so she was forced to do so. Sombir Sangwan said that kangana Ranaut's statements sent a wrong message in the society and as a result, the woman soldier slapped kangana in anger. kangana should also take care of the fabric of the society and she had to bear the brunt of her cheap statement. Let us tell you that independent mla Sombir Sangwan from Charkhi Dadri, Randhir Golan from Pundri and Dharampal Gondar from Nilokheri had withdrawn their support from the bjp government.

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