CM Sukhu congratulates PM Modi and JP Nadda!!!

Narendra Modi has taken oath for the third time as the prime minister of the country on sunday (9 June). narendra modi took the oath of secrecy for the third time in a grand ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan. There is great enthusiasm among the workers and supporters of the bharatiya janata party after the swearing-in of prime minister Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, himachal pradesh chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has also congratulated prime minister Narendra Modi. He has expressed confidence that prime minister narendra modi will live up to the aspirations of the people of the country and the state.

CM Sukhu hopes for generous financial help

Himachal Pradesh chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has also made a big demand from prime minister narendra modi on the very first day. chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has expressed hope that under his leadership, himachal pradesh will receive generous financial assistance from the central government for its developmental needs and the state will benefit from generous financial assistance. It can be used for the infrastructure and overall development of the state.

CM Sukhu also congratulated JP Nadda

Chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has also congratulated jagat prakash nadda on taking oath in the Union Cabinet. He said that jagat prakash nadda is well aware of the difficult geographical conditions of the state and has expressed hope that he will work to fulfill the developmental demands of the people of the state. Let us tell you that jagat prakash nadda has been the health minister in Modi government 1.0. At that time himachal pradesh got the big gift of AIIMS. Now once again jagat prakash nadda has got a place in the Modi government. In such a situation, the development of himachal pradesh is expected to gain momentum.

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