NEET result - Objection to grace marks…?

Due to grace marks, so many students reached the topper's list and despite many students having good marks, their ranking went down considerably. Many questions have been raised on grace marks in the petition. For example, NTA has said that grace marks will be given on the basis of CCTV footage at the centers and the reports of the employees there and the efficiency of the students. But what rule or formula was applied for this, on what basis were the marks given. For example, if a student's paper was late by 15 minutes, then he was given marks according to the minutes or some other method was found, it is not clear. It has only been said that the children's paper was late.

Grace marks were given on the basis of the time of their delay and accuracy. The discrepancy in this is that in the paper, the student solves the easy questions first and in NEET, usually the biology paper is solved first. The most time and effort is spent in the last and hard questions. Then how can the student's later efficiency be checked on the basis of the initial time. Nitin Vijay said that the question is also how can the accuracy of students be determined on the basis of CCTV footage or the staff present in the exam centre in the offline paper.

If the paper was distributed late, they would have given more time

NTA is citing the court's instructions regarding grace marks. These instructions were given for CLAT in the year 2018. That was an online exam, while NEET is an offline exam. How can it be right to give grace marks citing that instruction. The rule of giving grace marks is also not understood. If the paper was distributed late, why would they give more time, why would they give marks. There is no mention of grace marks in the bulletin. Grace marks have been given only to those who complained. What is the fault of those children who did not complain.

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