NEET result - 8 students from one centre got first rank!!!

Nitin Vijay said that 8 students from a centre in Jhajjar (Haryana) are in the top-100. Out of these, 6 got the first rank. The special thing is that the sequence of their roll numbers is the same. Their forms were filled together and the centre is the same. Apart from this, there are complaints from Meghalaya, Bahadurgarh (Haryana), Dantewada, Balod (Chhattisgarh?), surat (Gujarat) and Chandigarh. Overall, a big blunder has happened in this.

There is no transparency in the environment of NTA

Nitin Vijay, founder and CEO of a coaching institute, said that whether the National Testing Agency-NTA accepts it or not, cheating has happened in the paper and it is clear. NTA has done injustice to many students. Our struggle against this will continue along with the students. Complaints of students are being received continuously in this matter. Tension could be clearly seen there and transparency was not visible in the environment. After a lot of struggle, a senior officer of NTA took the complaint of NEET students. No receipt was given for this.

NTA has no solid basis for giving grace marks

On the basis of the 2018 court decision on which NTA has given these grace marks, it is written at the top that this will not apply in the case of medical and engineering. NTA has decided how much time of which student was wasted on the basis of CCTV cameras installed at the centre. But even if the whole team is engaged in watching this footage, it will take two years. Therefore, there is no basis or logic on the part of NTA to give grace marks in case of time loss.

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