Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi's wife made a big statement…

The results of the lok sabha elections resulted in bjp getting only 14 seats in Rajasthan. After the results, many reasons came to the fore in discussions. One of the main reasons was the resentment of Rajputs in Rajasthan. Regarding this, Shila Gogamedi, wife of the late national president of Shri Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena, late Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, who is the executive president of the organization, reached Udaipur. Talking to ABP news here, she gave a frank answer on BJP's defeat in Rajasthan.

Demand for hanging the accused in the murder case

In the case of Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi's murder, his wife Shila Gogamedi said that the NIA investigation is going on and the charge sheet has been presented three-four days ago. However, we have come to know that criminals Goldy Barad and Rohit Godara sitting outside the country are involved in this case. The demand is that the government should bring them and hang them or encounter them on the way.

'Rajputs broke BJP's pride'

The people who formed the bharatiya janata party are Rajputs. From the beginning, Rajputs sowed the seed which has now become a tree, whose fruits are now being enjoyed by others. Due to this, Rajputs were separated, won't Rajputs be angry? When the time came for ticket distribution, only three tickets out of 25 were given to Rajputs.

He said, ''In Gujarat, Rupala had given a statement about Kshatraniyas. At that time, the entire Rajput community was united, but instead of listening to the Rajputs, bjp listened to one person. Obviously, the Rajput community was angry. The same anger was seen in Rajasthan. The pride was broken. Otherwise, the organization has nothing to do with parties. Whoever listens to us, we will be with them. '' He said that regarding the formation of the government at the Center, he said that narendra modi is doing good work. We are in his support, but if our neck is cut, then we are against it. If he supports, then the Rajputs were with him with an open heart before and will remain so in the future too.

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