Why is raj Thackeray's MNS missing from the picture? 

After the lok sabha elections in maharashtra, now everyone's eyes are on the assembly elections. Meanwhile, a new discussion has started about raj Thackeray. The MNS president had received an invitation to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Modi government 3.0, but he did not attend the ceremony. However, he has said that the reason behind this is personal. He has not yet given any reaction on why raj Thackeray did not attend the Modi 3.0 swearing-in ceremony. Now everyone's eyes are fixed on what his next stance will be.

NDA did not perform as expected in the maharashtra lok sabha elections. nda got fewer seats than the 2019 elections. When MNS president raj Thackeray was campaigning for the Mahayuti in the state, it was being speculated that bjp would give a return gift to maharashtra navnirman sena (MNS) in the assembly elections. However, in the lok sabha elections, raj Thackeray asked for one seat which he did not get. Let us also tell you here that MNS did not form an alliance with nda, but raj Thackeray supported PM Modi from outside.

After supporting prime minister Modi in the maharashtra lok sabha elections, raj Thackeray was also seen in many rallies of Mahayuti. Now all eyes are on what stand raj Thackeray takes for his party in the upcoming assembly elections. assembly elections are likely to be held in maharashtra in 2024 to elect 288 members of the maharashtra Legislative Assembly. The last assembly elections in maharashtra were held in october 2019. The BJP-led alliance nda had secured a clear majority to form the government, but due to internal conflict, shiv sena left the alliance (NDA) and formed a new alliance with the nationalist congress party and Congress.

This alliance was named maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) and it formed the state government with shiv sena leader uddhav thackeray becoming the Chief Minister. However, this government later fell.

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