Violent clash in Baloda Bazar, crowd set fire to collector office, burnt several vehicles

Baloda Bazar Protest: people of Satnami Samaj religion were protesting in Baloda Bazar against the vandalism in amar Cave and breaking of Jaitkham. During this, the protest took a violent turn

Protesters set fire to collector office

There was a ruckus in Baloda Bazar, chhattisgarh on Monday, when the crowd of thousands protesting suddenly became violent. The protesters set fire to the collector's office and the vehicles parked there. When the police tried to stop them, they were beaten up. Many policemen are reported to be injured in this incident. A large number of police forces have been deployed to control the situation.

In fact, for the past few days, people of the Satnami community were protesting against the demolition of Jaitkham, which is considered a sacred symbol. On Monday, a large number of people from the community reached the Collector's office to protest. When things did not work out, they started vandalizing. Not only this, the crowd of protesters entered the Collector's office, beating up the security and policemen.

News agency ANI has released a video. In which it can be seen that a crowd of thousands has surrounded the Collector's office in Baloda Bazar. The protesters are pelting stones at the government building. During this, the crowd set the Collector's office on fire. Along with this, the administrative vehicles parked outside were also set on fire.

Orders for judicial inquiry

Chhattisgarh home minister Vijay Sharma has ordered a judicial inquiry into the incident of vandalism in Jaitkham. He has appealed to the Satnami community to maintain peace. However, the Satnami community is adamant on the demand for a cbi inquiry.

What is the whole matter

In Mahkoni village of Girodpari of Baloda Bazar, some miscreants had vandalized the Jaitkham, which is considered a sacred symbol of the Satnami community. Due to this, the people of the community were very angry. They were demanding strict action in this matter. The police had also detained some people in this case, but the people of the Satnami community are not satisfied with this. They are demanding cbi in this matter.

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