The IPL auction is an annual process organised by the bcci to divide players among teams. An auctioneer is in charge of overseeing the process and taking bids for the players one by one.

For the first time in the history of auctions, the auctioneer collapses and the entire audience blames the IPL Heroes for this. Look at Aryan, how he smiles in an evil way on seeing the Auctioneer collapse.

When Hasranga was sold for more than 10 crores, any man on this earth is sure to get a heart attack. Even my chest is paining on seeing this wonderful IPL Auction staged deal!!!

He was fine till 10.75 crores, but maybe someone in the auction might be asked for more than 10 crores, and he might have felt RCB is worth it?

The worst part is that they continued the auction after this!! and the entire arena just stood without moving a bit. We could sense that was a physical fall but look at the great human hearts of IPL staring with evil eyes.

Worse and Worst IPL matches ahead? Let's hope for Hugh Edmeades to recover soon.

Hugh Edmeades, who is he?

Hugh Edmeades was appointed auctioneer by bcci in 2018. He took over for richard Madley, who had been with the IPL since its inception. Edmeades has over 35 years of auction experience and has led over 2,500 auctions worldwide.

He has previous auction experience with paintings, fine furniture, ceramics, films, and sporting memorabilia. He is only the second person, after Madley, to be given the honour and privilege of overseeing the mega-event. The mega auction will be held in February, and the season will begin in March.

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