Samantha Ruth Prabhu, having recovered from myositis, a rare inflammatory muscle disease, is gearing up to return to films. In a recent podcast titled "Take 20" on her YouTube channel, samantha candidly opened up about her challenging experiences, discussing both her difficult divorce and subsequent health issues.

In the podcast's first episode, samantha shared insights into the emotionally tumultuous year preceding her myositis diagnosis. Reflecting on the tough period, she recounted a significant moment when she finally confided in her friend and manager, Himank, during a trip from mumbai in june of the previous year. 

Samantha expressed how the revelation brought a sense of calm that had been absent from her life for a long time. "After a long time, I felt a little relaxed and calm. Finally, I can breathe; I can sleep. Now, I can wake up and focus on my work; I can be the best at what I do. I woke up with this condition. But, in the meantime, the day after I woke up, this illness attacked me," samantha lamented.

The actress emphasized her decision to share her journey through the podcast, aiming to raise awareness and encourage people to be mindful of such health issues. Samantha's openness about her personal struggles resonated with her audience, as the podcast quickly gained traction and went viral, providing a platform for discussions on mental health, resilience, and overcoming challenges.

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