Tollywood actress rakul preet singh has made her relationship with producer and actor Jackie Bhagnani official, with plans for a wedding ceremony scheduled for february 21, 2024. The impending nuptials have garnered attention, especially with a star-studded guest list, and the celebration kicked off with pre-wedding parties in Goa. bollywood celebrities were seen revelling in the festivities on the picturesque beaches.

Despite the glittering attendance from the hindi film industry, notable was the absence of tollywood stars like sandeep Kishan, Jr. NTR, and ram Charan, who have all shared the screen with rakul in various telugu films. Speculation arose regarding whether rakul preet singh extended invitations to her telugu co-stars, leading to rumours that invitations were either not sent or were politely declined by the telugu stars.

Adding an air of intrigue, only Pragya Jaiswal, a close friend of rakul preet singh from tollywood, was reported to have attended the wedding. The two have been frequently seen together in Mumbai, and Pragya was said to have received a special invitation. The mystery deepens as the reasons behind the absence of other telugu stars remain undisclosed, leaving fans and the public curious about the dynamics surrounding Rakul's wedding and the guest list.

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