WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature aimed at enhancing user privacy, specifically regarding profile pictures. The feature is designed to restrict users from downloading or taking screenshots of someone's profile picture if the individual has set restrictions on it.

The feature given by whatsapp is currently in the testing phase and is included in the whatsapp beta update for Android users through version number A selected group of users on Android devices can access this feature in the beta version. Once the testing phase is completed, whatsapp is expected to roll out this privacy-enhancing feature for all users.

With this update on the app, if a user imposes restrictions on their profile picture, others will be prevented from downloading the image or taking screenshots. Additionally, if someone attempts to capture a screenshot of a restricted profile picture, a notification will appear on their screen, indicating, "Can't take a screenshot due to app restrictions."

This new privacy feature could provide users with more control over their profile pictures, preventing unauthorized downloads or screenshots and enhancing overall privacy on the platform. As the testing progresses, it remains to be seen when whatsapp will release this feature for its broader user base.

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