The escalating number of women entering the workforce is accompanied by a concerning trend of a significant portion leaving their jobs, with recent studies indicating that approximately 34 percent of working women opt to resign, a stark contrast to the mere 4 percent of men in similar circumstances. The primary reason cited for this exodus is the challenging task of balancing personal life with professional responsibilities.

The study delved into various factors such as women's marital status, age, and residential areas, with findings highlighting that a lack of consideration by managers is another pivotal reason for the substantial departure of women from their jobs. The majority of those who exit the workforce due to family responsibilities fall within the age bracket of 30-35 years. 

Childcare emerges as a crucial factor during this period, underscoring the significant role women play in household responsibilities. According to the National Statistics Office, women dedicate over seven hours daily to housework. A further survey illuminates the challenge women face in re joining the workforce after leaving their jobs. Barriers include the necessity to enhance job skills to meet current requirements and comprehend technological advancements that occurred during their absence. 

This impediment affects approximately 70 percent of women who quit their jobs for such reasons. The findings emphasize the importance of addressing these challenges to create a more supportive and inclusive work environment, promoting both the initial retention of female talent and facilitating their successful return to the workforce.

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