Prime minister Modi recently embarked on an aquatic adventure, indulging in water sports along the south coast of india in the union territory of Lakshadweep. Following his appreciation of the Arabian Sea's beauty in lakshadweep and the exploration of the indian Ocean and Bay of bengal in Rameswaram, he continued his maritime pursuits in the arabian sea during his visit to his home state of Gujarat.

During his gujarat visit, prime minister Modi graced Dwarka, the once-capital city of Lord Krishna, a renowned pilgrimage site. In a historic move, he inaugurated sudarshan Sethu, a bridge connecting Dwarka with Bait Dwarka. After visiting the Dwarkadish (Lord Krishna) temple, he submerged into the ocean to worship at the location of the sunken city of Dwarka, achieving the remarkable feat of being the first prime minister to engage in underwater worship. Guided by diving experts, he explored the seabed where Dwarka stands, a site of significant cultural and spiritual importance in India.

Dressed in traditional saffron attire with three namas, prime minister Modi performed special prayers at the Dwarkadhish temple, embodying Hindu traditions. Additionally, he gifted devotees by inaugurating the sudarshan Setu, a 2.32 km cable-stayed bridge connecting Okha mainland with Bait Dwarka Island, a project completed at a cost of Rs. 980 crore. Notably, this cable bridge is the country's longest, adorned with Bhagavad Gita verses and depictions of Lord Krishna's life, along with solar electricity-generating panels on its sides. prime minister Modi's multi-faceted visit showcased a blend of adventure, spirituality, and infrastructural development.

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